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Ricky Schwartz. | 16 years old. | FC: Matthew Fahey. | Open/Taken. 

Ricky is Tamara’s crush and on & off fling. He is shown as being a player and is in the band with Tamara. Ricky is caught messing around with the school slut Clarissa Lemons. 

Kevin Hamilton. | 34 years old. | FC: Mike Faiola. | Open/Taken.

Kevin is Jenna’s father as well as Lacey’s husband. Although, the care-frontation letter has separated him and Lacey for now. He is shown as being the more responsible parent, he is more caring and supportive to Jenna through their rough times. 

Jake Rosati. | 17 years old. | FC: Brett Davern. | Open/Taken. 

Jake is also popular along side his bestfriend Matty. He is the class president, he started off dating Lissa but broke up with her due to feelings for Jenna. And due to the way Sadie and Lissa treated him. Unlike Matty that thinks with the team, Jake thinks for himself. He leads rather than follows, and is a sensitive guy with a heart of gold. Jake and Jenna grow closer leading to him to develop a crush on her, at first Jenna does not reciprocate these feelings..but she eventually realizes that he is kind, honest and thoughtful toward her. Unlike Matty, he doesn’t mind being seen with Jenna in public & doesn’t care what people think about him.  

Matty Mckibben. | 17 years old. | FC: Beau Mirchoff. | Open/Taken. 

Matty is the most popular guys in school. He is one of Jenna’s love interests. Despite being athletic and handsome he is deeply insecure. He has sex with Jenna in a supply closet at summer camp. He doesn’t want anyone to know what he did with her, and he and Jenna embark in a secret on and off relationship. Matty is also bestfriends with Jake Rosati, and as well as the object of Sadie’s affection. Jenna breaks it off with Matty, later he asks Jenna for another chance but she rejects him for his best friend. Soon after he admits that he loves her but she is already committed to Jake. 

Valerie Marks. | 28 years old. | FC: Desi Lydic. | Open/Taken. 

Val was the schools counselor and recently became the high schools vice principal. She tries too hard to be like the teenagers and help them with their problems. She is a lonely person who’s only gift is to help people. Valerie crosses boundaries and acts inappropriately around students. When Valerie is assigned to talk to Jenna once a week, their relationship becomes increasingly unprofessional as Valerie comes to think of Jenna as her best friend. Valerie has a romantic relationship with another teacher at the school.  



1. No God Modding. You don’t control other characters or what they do. That’d be well..just awkward wouldn’t it? You can’t write words or actions for any other characters besides your own. 

2. Activity/Availability. Please try and be active atleast 3 days out of the week. If you must leave for a long period of time then let us know so your role isn’t re-opened! 

3. No OOC Drama. This will not be tolerated at all. If you start something with someone out of character then you will be asked to leave the RPG. If someone is starting drama with you, let us know and we’ll take care of it. IC drama is influenced. 

4. Para-ing is required. Try to para atleast once a week. This is what counts to be considered ‘active’. Gif talking counts as well, but para’s are better. 

5. Have Fun! 

Lacey Hamilton. | 32 years old. | FC: Nikki DeLoach | Open/Taken. 

Lacey is Jenna’s mom. And, also is the person that wrote Jenna’s care-frontation. She just recently told her husband that she did, and they aren’t on talking terms because of it. She’s clueless about raising a child and is a superficial plastic surgery fanatic. Lacey had Jenna when she was a teenager and gave up on her dreams of going to college & using the funds to get breast implants instead.